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Cue Sheets

The best way to achieve playback is through cue sheets. It's an ideal standard for playlists. cPlay supports both single or multi-file cue sheets containing wav or flac media files (at any sample rate).


  1. CD ripper software like EAC can create cue sheets when ripping
  2. Use cPlaylist Editor to build cue sheets
  3. Use Cue Creator to span through your existing music libraries and create cue sheets

cPlaylist Editor

cPlaylistEditor is a Java application to generate playlists (for any music player that supports cue sheets). The application starts at a specified folder and adds music files to lists. Playlists are interactively created from these lists. Playlists can be saved to be loaded at another time, or be sent directly to cPlay.

Cue Creator

Recursive Cue Creator is a Java application to create cue sheets for use with cMP² (or other players supporting cue sheets). For a specified folder including all sub-folders, it creates a cue sheet for each wav or flac file found. Cue sheet file entries will contain the full path. You can specify whether to save all cue sheets to a single folder, or save them within the folder where files are found.

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Page last modified on August 28, 2009, at 07:55 PM