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Chapter 8 - Optimising Windows using Autoruns

Autoruns is a useful utility but it can be dangerous – use it with care. After extensive testing (and several system rebuilds) the following changes work. Download Autoruns and save zip file contents to a new folder. Start AutoRuns by double-clicking autoruns.exe.

Step 1 – Disable installed components

Launch Autoruns, select Explorer and go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components
All components can be disabled by deselecting them.

Step 2 – Disable print monitors

Select Print Monitors and deselect all items

Step 3 – Disable Network Providors

Select the Network Providors tab and deselect all items except LanmanWorkstation
(If this is disabled, Windows crashes on re-start and can only be repaired in Safe Mode.)

Step 4 – Delete Winsock Services

Select the Winsock Providers tab and delete all entries (i.e. right-click and select Delete)
This optimisation should only be applied to systems without networking functionality. It also affects infrared programs such as WinLirc that use socket services. It is advisable to create an image file of the system drive before deleting the entries.

Step 5 – Disable LSA providers

This is an advanced change which should only be applied to setups without networking functionality.
Select LSA Providers tab and disable all entries except the two described as Microsoft Authentication Package v1.0
Windows Security subsystem footprint is reduced.

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