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Can I just install the software (cMP and cPlay) to get best results?

You can install the software without optimisations (but be sure to disable the Welcome Screen to use cMP in 'cMP Mode'). However, audio quality is not likely to be anywhere close to a fully specified cMP² (especially when Minlogon is implemented). If you are not using cPlay, be sure to set your system for 'System Cache' to ensure memory playback is done.

Jitter distortion is high when setups have no or little optimisations done (e.g. running soundcard's mixer). Sometimes this may sound artificially good. As ever the ultimate test is how long the 'good' sound lasts. That is, jitter can sometimes create artificial bloom that's initially very well received only to become tiresome over time and playback is not consistent across different genres.

cPlay shows numbers like '(3)' after track titles. What is this?

cPlay is designed to exploit between 160MB to 1GB available RAM. Tracks larger than the available RAM are split until each split can be accomodated in RAM. The number indicates splits required. Playback occurs by switching RAM buffers across these splits.

My virus software raises 'Trojan' alerts when downloading/installing cMP software. Is this a concern?

No. Unfortunately, virus checkers have become much more stringent and create such false alerts. cMP uses the excellent AutoHotKeys to achieve remote functionality and the OSK. You can install cMP without these functions (whose functionality will not be available).

I’m not using the ZALMAN case, is there something about it that makes it a mandatory part of the system?

As long as the case does a good job of dampening vibrations and allows for good passive cooling, your case would be fine. The case is entirely optional due to its high cost. ZALMAN HD160XT was chosen as it was the cheapest option for a single box solution and its LCD has a lower native resolution.

Is the larger power supply required?

No, but costs of these are coming down and the higher power capability means less ripple voltage.

Will I need to re-install Windows?


What memory should I buy? What are you using?

Any major brand will do. Although RAM is underclocked, choose higher specification versions allowing for standard DDR2 voltage (1.80V) to be used as stable RAM performance is achieved with minimal electrical interference. Best results are achieved using a single RAM module of the lowest possible size (e.g. 256MB).

Is the wireless mouse for sonic or convenience reasons?

Purely convenience. You can use an ordinary 3 button USB mouse. Design goal was for a complete solution allowing for full remote control from a distance. No compromises.

I’m using an external ROM drive, do I need to use the approach as described in the guide or is this OK?

This is fine as long as it connects via USB which you then connect to one of the ‘alternate’ USB ports.

I use a virtual drive in RAM (RAM Disk) to load my CD, how does cMP improve on this?

Memory playback is achieved via the system cache and not through a simulated virtual drive. Using the system cache removes Windows disk I/O overheads (irrespective of whether disk is physical or virtual). This is more optimal.

No manual intervention is required to load each CD into RAM drive and / or have Foobar2000 configured to play from a RAM drive.

Does cMP’s software run on Vista and 7?


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Page last modified on August 28, 2009, at 11:28 PM